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Popular movement in defense of the rights of the peoples of southern Europe , national constitutions and sovereignty

Per: commissione europea

This petition is extended to nationals of countries of the South Europe affected by the system EURO and the European management structure known as TROIKA. We believe that the institution, formed mostly by former bankers tied to Black Rock or Goldman Sachs, does not operate in the interests of European citizens.
The policy must operate in the defense of the dignity 'of every citizen, fighting inequality and pursuing peace.
We do not see anything of what ', and not only for failing to freedom of information, but because this europe and daughter of the American financial elite, and this is seen by continuous provocations aimed at Russia and the support unconditional military that European countries offer for the destabilization of the Middle East only for commercial purposes. European people and the time to take back our territories and our economies, we are giving up centuries of history and battles. With TTIP show us what good immigration that are causing, make Southern Europe a pool of cheap labor, as you can see from the labor policies implemented. Militants of the right, center or left forgotten your beliefs, do not exist anymore although I do believe. Sign the petition to allow the creation of a single European movement defending citizens and rebuild the social and economic system, based on respect for the planet and dignity Dell 'man and where finance becomes a branch of the real economy countries and not the other.

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